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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Who is Alex Coleman? I like his style.

(From Keeping Stock, where Alex is patiently teaching Inv2 how to reason. Quality entertainment.)

Alex Coleman said...

Where to start.

I guess with "begging the question".

You claim Kelly doesn't understand MMP, and your evidence for this is your assumption that when she said "they should kick him out" she was talking about parliament rather than the National Party.

See what you did there? Assumed she didn't know he couldn't be booted from Parliament, in order to prove she didn't know he couldn't be booted from Parliament.

That's what philosophers call 'begging the question', and humble chaps like me call being an a bit of a dick.

If you look at what she actually said however, she talked about how his actions say things about the National Party. Not about parliament, the National party. Any reasonable person would assume she was talking about the National party kicking him out of their caucus in order to show what sort of party they are.

The reaction across the bogosphere has been consistent, but in fact, if you understand MMP, you'll note that it doesn't matter a damn what the blogosphere thinks. Gilmore's position in National's caucus is up to National in general, and its leader in particular. And so far he has said that he takes Gilmore's word on the matter.

Your conculsion about your 'reckonings' with regard to what Key ought to next are all well and good, but I'll just note that seeing they line up with Kelly's, as far as I can tell, then maybe you owe her an apology?

May 3, 2013 at 3:14 PM


Jacqueline said...

I can't read Keeping Stock these days. The compromising of his stated beliefs and values in exchange for some kind of online blogging popularity via his bum licking of hypocrites like Whale Oil - whose actions and behaviour goes against Inv2's beliefs and morals - just annoyed me one too many times.

I have though - worked out who he actually is - which was an interesting discovery. :-)

robertguyton said...

Well done, Jacqueline ( :-)
I feel as you do about Mr KS and agree with your assessment.